Friday, March 04, 2005

Traveling to Kenya

The Kenya team - Ralph, Peter, Allison and Tim. We came together as a team amazingly fast. Ted Witmer spoke to our church in October, by mid-November we had purchased our plane tickets. By the end of the month, we were getting vacinations and sending out a prayer letter while the church was putting together a support package for us and organizing round-the-clock prayer. Part of the church's energy was due to the fact that we were going out at the same time as another group being sent to India, but the enthusiasm of their support was still amazing, especially since none of us were long time veterans of the church and they could just as easily have said that they were already sending one group and had no energy to support another. We got an amazing response from the letters we sent out as well; over two hundred people wrote back to say they would contribute with prayer and/or money - an abundance of generosity far beyond our expectations.

With January approaching fast, we collected computers to take with us, emailed back and forth with people in Africa to begin scoping out the project, started customizing the Care2x medical records software for Kenya and worked out remaining loose ends as well as we could. Finally, we flew out on January 4th. Due to confusion when I purchased the tickets, Peter and I would arrive in Nairobi a day before Tim and Allison would, but we shortly discovered that this too was part of the plan that God had for us...

(Updated with corrected dates - I had forgotten just how rapidly this all came together until my wife reminded me that the Witmers spoke to the church in October...)
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