Friday, March 11, 2005


I saw an add for a correspondance school on my way home today that invited me to evolve to my next level. I doubt they expected me to react to that invitation the way I did, but I was rather disgusted by the suggestion. To me, it suggested that I am fundamentally inadequate, and my essential structure needs to be changed (for this is what evolution is about). And if it's evolution according to Darwin, then the changes will be the result of random mutations, some of which will hopefully produce an improvement. So I must allow my fundamental nature to be prodded, tweaked, and twisted by random forces outside of my control, and then be tested by natural selection to see if all this banging around actually improved something. If it did, I survive, if not, oh well...

I hope this isn't the model education that school actually proposes. I'd prefer to think of education with imperatives like "grow!," "mature!," "develop!" or the like, because these speak to me of bringing to fruition the potential that is already present in me. I think that's a better model for education, and a better model for human growth as a whole.

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