Friday, March 04, 2005


Today was a blah day. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by all the junk, and wonder what I can do of any use in it all. In days like these it is good to remember that God didn't pick a lot of prominent people to do his work.
David was the youngest, and a lot smaller than Goliath
Amos was only an orcharder (that is a word, right?)
Jacob was the second son, not the first
Joseph was near the bottom of his family
Paul was, by his own assessment, the least of the apostles
and so on...

For that matter, Jesus himself didn't have the most auspicious beginnings from a human perspective. And those who did have something that looked good humanly frequently had to have it taken away from them before God could use them - think of Moses, Job, Joseph again and Paul when he was lowered in a basket over a Damascus wall.

So when I grumble to God that the world's going to pot and I'm too small to make any difference in it all, God nudges me with his words to Paul: "my grace is made perfect in weakness" and points me back to some other small people in the Bible who made an impact, not because they were big, but because a big God worked through them. And when I stop my grumbling and listen, I start to realize that I'd rather do it that way anyhow.

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