Thursday, March 03, 2005

Hippo birdie ... (etc).

Today I'm celebrating (more or less) my 49th birthday (or, as my wife thoughtfully pointed out, the last birthday before the big five-oh). The big three-oh and four-oh never seemed like that much of a deal to me, but somehow 50 seems different, more like a real "end of an era." But Alistair Begg put a different spin on it for me in this morning's Truth for Life broadcast when he said that he asks his congregation what they're planning to do with themselves when they're 55 to 110 years old. Taken aback, I asked myself who's planning to be alive and active at age 110, but the way things are going I guess I should keep that possibility in mind. In that case, the big five-oh doesn't look so big any more; I'm not even at the half-way point! But maybe I should take a little more time to plan what I'd do with sixty more years if God should grant them to me; it would be a shame to let them go to waste.

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