Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Too few people really care...

Hugh Hewitt grieves this morning that "Too few people really care that human life is being snuffed out left and right." Thus we have the Terry Schiavo debacle and now the Columbine replay in Minnesota. Forty years ago (when I was a kid...) events like these would have been inconceivable. How far we have come. I ask myself where my own outrage is - have I become simply resigned to the inevitable degradation of society? Have I become so preoccupied with looking after my own satisfaction that I haven't got time or energy left to care for others?

Jesus told us that as we care for the prisoners, the sick, the weak, the orphans, those who are hungry and thirsty, we care for Him (Matthew 25:31-46). If it is Jesus who's feeding tube is being pulled or who's being gunned down in a classroom, how will we stand before Him if we have not done all we can to prevent it?

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