Monday, May 09, 2005

Wasting one's life.

Tonight on my way to and from the "Y" where I was exercising, I heard two separate programs on our local Christian radio station both of which urged us not to waste our lives. I think that God was giving me a warning here. I've let the stress of buying and selling a home together with frustrations about some aspects of work lure me into things that are supposed to be restful, but are really wasteful. Computer card games are one of the biggest offenders for me; they accomplish nothing, require lots of focus to do well, and leave me with neither satisfaction nor renewed energy for my other tasks. Better to go for a walk, talk with a co-worker, play with my son, read a book, wash dishes - indeed almost anything is better than losing large chunks of time to playing computer cards onto a computer screen and accumulating numbers on a computer scoreboard.

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