Sunday, May 01, 2005

"I am the way..."

In my morning Bible study, I was reading Jesus' well known statement "I amd the way..." and asking myself "what does that really mean?" The visual image I get reading that passage is something like Jesus lying down and us walking on Him, but that doesn't seem like a good way to understand what He means. Then I thought of communion and another one of His mysterious statements, that we must eat His flesh. Perhaps the way Jesus is speaking about is the way of transformation that we follow as we take His life into our own. Jesus is the Way because it is He who changes us to become like Himself.

I don't know for certain that this is what Jesus meant, but I believe that it is closer to His meaning than my previous image.

It is good sometimes to ask yourself as you read Scripture "what does that really mean?" You may find that God is waiting there to help you see a little deeper into the truths of His Word.

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